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SS Ojha Sir Biography

The full name of Professor SS Ojha sir is Shiv Sagar Ojha. And this invaluable life of his started in 1956 in Pratapgarh, Uttar Pradesh. Professor Shiv Sagar Ojha was born on July 31, 1956, and after achieving many achievements in his life, he was appointed Senior Professor of Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh University. And SS Ojha sir died on 23 July 2020 working in the same post.

 He inspired many students in his life to become good and become successful, showed them the right path which is truly an incredible task. Today he is no more with us and every one of his students will always miss him. Today we will take the information related to his life and discuss it in detail, which will always prove to be effective in our future life.

SS Ojha Sir bio,wiki,info

Full NameShiv Sagar Ojha (sheo sagar Ojha)
stateUttar Pradesh
date of birth31st July since 1956
Age64 years
Businessacademic work
professionprofessor, philosopher
HabitatPratapgarh, Uttar Pradesh
main achievementsBook author, spokesperson, speaker, geo-article, climate studies, research founder 
local language and writing languageEnglish language with Hindi and Urdu dictionary
Life spanfrom 1956 to 2020

SS Early life of SS Ojha Sir

SS Ojha sir completed his early education from Pratapgarh and grew up following the path of family members.

 Ojha sir was a simple natured person and he was considered an obedient disciple in school, he had made his life goal in the higher secondary school itself, sir wanted to be a good teacher and his dream was fulfilled but before that, in his life, Different phases came in front and we have classified the main moments and achievements of this priceless life of theirs into phases, which will be easy to understand.

The first phase –  By the age of 28, Ojha sir had understood education in detail and had also become the best in the field of geography. In 1984, he came in front of society and culture as a spokesperson.

The second phase: –  After almost 2 years of becoming a spokesperson, in 1986, Ojha sir started working on the post of a senior spokesperson. At this time he had started doing many types of research in his education.

The third stage:- He gave a speech by going on a big stage. Motivated the youth to make every effort to be done in the interest of the country and at the same time in 1991, he came to be known as Reader.

Fourth Step:- Ojha Sir wanted to become a good teacher and professor in his life and his dream was fulfilled in 2009 when Shiv Sagar Ojha Sir was appointed Professor of Geography in Allahabad University.

Fifth Step: – As soon as he became a professor, he deeply understood the environment and land writing of Allahabad and wrote all the information related to it in his book, so the exorcist head, keeping the geography in mind, correctly examined the situation of his native land and Published the book by writing so that everyone can get some different experiential knowledge in its study.

Sixth Step:- Growing up as an assistant professor, he became a senior professor and Ojha sir became head of the department of Uttar Pradesh in the year 2018 while guiding all the students of the university. Gained the best practical knowledge in Geography and shared the results with the society and other research institutes of the state. Every student gives the title of invaluable knowledge and that is why SS Ojha sir is given so much respect in the field of geography and he will always be remembered for the assessment of Indian geography! 

SS Ojha sir’s educational qualification

He did his primary education from Umarpur Uttar Pradesh and got admission to the Pratapgarh district at the secondary level. Professor Shiv Sagar Ojha’s father also inspired him to go to civil service but his dream was to become a teacher, so he got admission for postgraduate without gap, after being undergraduate, he took admission in master’s degree and then applied for Ph.D. After his Ph.D., he showed interest in government jobs.

primary educationFrom Umarpur Uttar Pradesh till class 5
secondary education8th pass from Pratapgarh
higher-level education10th
GraduateUttar Pradesh
post-graduationUttar Pradesh University on Geography
Ph.D.from geography
Other research and degreesAllahabad Land Estimates
University/ University NameUniversity of Allahabad (Prayagraj)

Goals of SS Ojha Sir

  • Bringing a new color to the world of education
  • To advance in technical education.
  • Helping to implement the Right to Education Act
  • Providing education for free. e.t.c. 

Career and lifestyle of SS Ojha Sir

Professor SS Ojha sir was a person of simple nature who had stamina, practical knowledge, etc. He gave utmost importance to his professional life and Ojha sir gave full credit for his success i.e. successful life to his parents.

Because whatever he has achieved in his life is the gift of his mother and father.

Family background and information of SS Ojha sir

Due to a lack of accurate information related to the family of SS Ojha sir, it is not possible to give information about each member.

father’s nameRam Bali Ojha
Mother’s nameimage exorcist
BrotherShankar Ojha
Sisternot known
Childrennot known
Son1 son
Daughternot known
half-siblingnot known
FriendDaya Shankar
family membersabout 8
family businessEducation

SS Ojha Favorite things and hobbies

a most important moment of lifefirst achievement
favorite subjectWorld Geography
Favorite place and placePratapgarh
favorite mealnot known
favorite songspatriotic songs
Favorite Singer not known
favorite bookLand
favorite authornot known
favorite dress Full Pants, Formal Shirt
hobbieswriting, research, teaching, reading newspaper

SS Oja Sir height, weight etc.

length (height)5’8 ft
weight57 kg
skin complexionwheat
eye colorBlack
hair colorgray and white
hair typesimple short hair

SS Ojha Sir YouTube journey

On January 8, 2018, Sheo Sagar Ojha sir started his youtube channel which was named “Geography with ss Ojha sir”.

The topic of Geography started being told in a different way on this channel, due to which in no time this YouTube channel proved to be a famous channel of education class.

So far more than 70 videos have been uploaded on this channel.

SS Ojha sir uploaded the first video on 19 January 2018 which is “prof. Ss Ojha YouTube channel first look| How to learn geography, coming soon”.

This video has more than 1 lakh video views so far.

SS Ojha YouTube channel analysis

Channel NameGeography with professor ss Ojha
start date8 January 2018
first videoprof. ss Ojha youtube channel first look
total videos70+
total viewsmore than 1 crore 65 lakh
channel founderSheo Sagar Ojha

Prof SS Ojha YouTube earning

  • Monthly YouTube Income – 1.2- Rs 2 Lakh
  • Annual YouTube Income – Rs 15-25 Lakhs 

SS Ojha Salary and Net Worth

Ojha sir was a government senior professor and department head, whose monthly salary was more than Rs 2 lakh. Apart from this, he used to do many other works from which his sources of income were also sufficient, so all in all, his monthly income would be around 4-5 lakh rupees. 

Books Of SS Ojha Sir

  • Geography of India
  • China and Japan
  • Atlas
  • Religion and Religious Relations
  • climatology

Facts of SS Ojha Sir

*Worked to raise the level of education.

He was also fond of becoming a writer.

* Married at a young age.

* Passed JRF without any coaching institute.

*Awarded for the scholarship by UGC.

* Started the initiative to provide education for free

SS Ojha Sir Address

SS Ojha Sir Address 50H/2 Govindpur Uttar Pradesh, Pincode – 211004

social media accounts

Facebook – geography with prof. ss Ojha sir


QNA (Question asked about SS Ojha Sir)

Q. What is the full name of SS Ojha sir?

Ans. Sheo Sagar Ojha

Q. Where was SS Ojha sir from?

Ans. Umarpur Village, Uttar Pradesh

Q. From where did Ojha sir complete his graduation?

Ans. from Pratagarh

Q. When was SS Ojha sir born?

Ans. in 1956

Q. When did SS Ojha sir pass away?

Ans. in 2018

Q. What was the reason for Ojha sir’s death?

Ans. heart disease

Q. SS Ojha sir was a professor of which university?

Ans. of Allahabad University

DISCLAIMER: The above details about Shiv Sagar Ojha Sir (Prof. SS Ojha Sir) are obtained from various online reports . The website does not guarantee 100% accuracy of statistics. All photos are taken from social media accounts.

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