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Who is Nityanandam Shree

Nityanandam is a yoga guru and yoga scientist working on Sri Ayurveda, who is known for free yoga and pranayama in India as well as abroad. He has taken his life on the same path for the humanitarian thinker and public welfare and has encouraged people to live a healthy life with our culture and art and make them aware of public welfare.

Nityanandam Shree Biography

Nityanandam Shri is originally a resident of India, who has grown up giving spiritual discourses in the society for many years, and now he is giving free yoga tips, health tips, etc. to the people through YouTube medium.

He found a new path by getting rid of social traditional work etc. at a young age and appeared as a yoga guru by wearing dispassion for social welfare.

During this time he studied deeply on India’s invaluable Ayurveda and culture and spoke to more and more people so that people adopt our culture and yoga.

Nityanandam Shree Wiki/Bio/info

Surnameyoga guru
Career NameYoga for the globe
Age52 years
Known forAyurveda Remedy, Motivational Guru, Yoga Muni, etc.
Date of birth1970
Zodiac signSingh
Tenure (Active year)1990 to present
Life goalto top people in compound verbs

Early life of Nityanandam Shree

The life of Nityanandam Shri Maharaj started from a village in the state of Haryana located in India, with the passage of time his life began to change and his interest was attracted towards the ancient texts of India. With his early education, he understood the essence of the old texts and as soon as he was young, Guruji had learned about all the scriptures related to India. He resolved to adopt Ayurveda Shastra so that he can tell its importance to all the people of the society and our society can be made completely healthy.

Nityanandam Sri, at the age of just nineteen (19) was considered a scholar of a high order, having attained the status of the best yoga scholar and spiritual experience in the nearby area.

He wanted to advance himself with time and with the help of morale, established Vishwa Mangal Sadhna. His work and methods of working were being discussed everywhere, as well as his work abroad was also appreciated. He believed in himself and realized that with the help of our culture, he would prove its proof to the whole world.

Due to this, he organized many seminars, in which, while commenting on many subjects, gave information about the relationship between nature and health.

Along with becoming a full-fledged Ayurvedic guru, Nityanandam Shri Maharaj also conducted the research institute and showed the people as humanist thinkers. Lakhs of people started believing in him and the reason for all this was the work of Guruji and the result of that work and the importance of that work in the future.

As we have already mentioned that Nityanandam had also done research on all the ancient texts of Sri Bharat, from which he himself got an idea of ​​a new way, in the same way, he himself wrote Srimad Bhagwat Katha, Ramayana, Gita, etc. Explained and explained in words.

He has done all the work keeping science in mind and tried to combine ancient techniques so that good results can be achieved and people’s trust is also maintained because we all know that to create strong faith, it is also necessary to have a part of science. Is.

Apart from this, he established Sanskriti Bazar, in which mainly chemical-free products are exported. Nityanandam Shree is the founder and director of this committee.

Educational Qualification of Nityanandam Shree

Primary education informationReceived from Acharya Shree Vidyalaya
Higher education informationComplete
Name of schoolAcharya Shree Vidyalaya
Master’s degreefrom science
Other degreesYoga scientist, philosopher, speaker, writer, organization director, etc.

Nityanandam Shree as a Motivational Guru

After proving to be a good and true person, it proves right to inspire any person.

The same happened with Guruji, people started following him and repeating his way of thinking and actions, only then did Nityanandam Shree come out as a motivational speaker with spiritual experience in society and changed the lives of millions of people.

The energetic words uttered by him left a mark in the hearts of the people.

Today Nityanandam Shri is ready to make every effort for the welfare of the country and society.

YouTube journey of Nityanandam Shree

On 12 July 2016, Nityanandam Shree created his own channel on YouTube which was named Nityanandam Shree. The purpose of creating the channel was to connect with more and more people which is also becoming successful. Guruji always wanted to keep his words to the people and YouTube was the best tool for this.

Soon after this channel was created, people started joining it. Through this channel, Nityanandam used to come up with Shri Ayurveda remedies in which all kinds of problems have been solved. He also made people aware while working on yoga classes and health tips through YouTube and today Nityanandam Shri has become a source of inspiration for millions of people.

Nityanandam Shree Youtube channel analysis

Youtube channel nameNityanandam Shree
Channel link
Total channels3 channels
Joining date12 July 2016
Subscribersmore than 10 lakh
Uploaded videoover 842
Total viewsover 13 crore

Instagram Details of Nityanandam Shree

Instagram id name@nityanandamshree
Total Followers16 thousand
Total following9
Upload post312 Posts
Account ManagerStaff
Account verificationNot now
Applied tagsStress-free healthy society

Nityanandam Shree Contribution to Public Welfare

  • They are also giving free yoga classes and all kinds of health-related tips or remedies for all the people of the country and abroad.
  • Nityanandam Shri ji showed the path of right path from illiterate to educated people on the basis of his knowledge and presented the essence of our ancient texts.
  • He started the Nirog initiative in which dangerous diseases can be avoided without the use of chemical medicine.
  • Established a number of institutions.

Quotes of Nityanandam Shree

“Whatever we have got from God, if we start making good use of it, then automatically we will start getting more.”

“Who gives importance to himself, this nature also gives equal importance to him, so giving importance to himself and loving himself is the most important thing.”

Sanskriti Bazaar

  • This is one such market started by Nityanandam Shree where almost all types of herbs are available. And by preparing the product without any chemical element, it is distributed in the society.

From here you can buy any chemical-free medicine or other beautiful things.

Nityanandam Shree salary and net worth

  • Monthly income around Rs 2-3 lakh
  • Net worth is 150 Crores ( Nityanandam Shree Net worth is 150 Crores)

Nityanandam Shree Lifestyle and Daily Routine

Waking up before sunrise and taking bath. After that start yoga and walk.

After this, after taking a snack, taking the news of modern life, and getting involved in professional work.


  • culture market
  • International Yoga
  • yoga scientist
  • seminar director
  • Ashram Director
  • disease center etc.

Awards & Honors

  • world’s most popular yoga scientist
  • Social Worker
  • Awarded for Public Welfare Committee.
  • Awarded as Best Yoga Guru
  • Received stage honors several times.

Nityanandam Shree family information

WifeNo (Unmarried)

Nityanandam Shree Favorite things

Favorite meallight meal
Favorite drinkTea
Favorite songspatriotic songs
Favorite subjectScience
Favorite Dressdhoti
Favorite colorWhite

Contact details of Nityanandam Shree

Nityanandam Shree address

  • Amritsar – Jalandhar Road Daburji Village Amritsar Haryana Pincode – 143006


Q. At what age did Nityanandam Shri start working as a social reformer?

Ans. At the age of 20.

Q. Is Nityanandam Shree vegetarian?

Ans. Yes

Q. How old is Nityanandam Shree?

Ans. about 52 years

Q. Is Nityanandam Shree married?

Ans. No

Q. Which is the online business of Nityanandam Shree?

Ans. culture market

Q. Does Nityanandam Shree suggest the method of treatment?

Ans. Yes

Q. How can I talk to Nityanandam Shree?

Ans. through online

Q. Can I meet Nityanandam Shri?

Ans. It can be found by visiting the address mentioned above.

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