Nalin Mehta (News Anchor) Biography

Quick Info about Nalin Mehta

Real name Nalin Mehta
Profession Journalist (News Anchor)
date of birth 1962
Age 60 years (as of 2021)
Height 5’9″ feet
Net worth more than 250 crores
birth place Delhi, India

Nalin Mehta Biography

Nalin Mehta, who was a professor at Shiv Nadar University, is today a person working as the chief editor of “Times of India”. He also played an important role as a social worker and due to this, he has got the status of socio-cultural reform. At present, Nalin Mehnat is a journalist for the Times of India committee and also a good writer.

He has written many books in which he has given in-depth attention while understanding his own experience and particular subject in brief.

Through this article, we will also learn about personal information from his biography to discuss his innovative work done by him!

Nalin Mehta Life introduction

Nalin Mehta, Dean and Director of Modern Media, and financial credit classmate at JM was born in the Indian state of Delhi in 1962 when Delhi was far away from a special part of India as Delhi was recognized by its name in the year 1962 for the last two years. Got it later.

He started his studies at Scindia School in Madhya Pradesh and got higher-level education from the University of the United Kingdom.

Nalin Mehta has been the editor of the Times of India and during this time he also published many magazines and books.

Nalin Mehta pursued her graduation from Sociology but she did it practically from bookish knowledge, that is, she also worked as a social reformer and introduced new initiatives.

Showing his interest in politics, Mehta Ji made his foray into the modern media world and today his tales are famous not only in India but all over the world.

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Nalin Mehta wiki/bio/Info

Full nameNalin Mehta
NicknameProfessor Mehta
Caste categoryGen. (Kshatriya Samaj)
Date of birth1962
BirthplaceDelhi, India
ProfessionWriter, speaker, journalist, committee moderator
Occupation journalist, writer 
Degree and labelsAcademic Administration, Ph.D., dean, former professor, inspector,
other titlesDepartment of Journalism, Computer Science, Communication
Zodiac signScorpio
Marked LanguagesHindi, English, Marathi, Gujarati, Punjabi, and other local languages
Tenure (active year)1990 to present

The early life of Nalin Mehta

Nalin Mehta / Nalin Mehta had completed his education during the 19th century and was also making progress in the job. During the year 2000, he exposed his work to society on a large scale, due to which he got the status of a social scientist.

Let us tell you that after taking education from abroad, Nalin Mehta was doing the work of providing education at Shiv Nadar University as a professor.

After getting out of this field, Mehta Ji started showing interest in getting into politics, but following the path of his loved ones and family members, gave him pause in this field as well and prepared a plan to make his life successful as a journalist.

To gain experience, he stepped down from a general committee and went on to become the chief manager of the channel India Today.

It was not so easy to handle the increased position after starting from a small level, but he not only handled the managerial work but also handled the post of assistant professor at Bangalore University and the burden of work was so heavy on his head. Despite taking it, there was no shortage of progress and work.

Later, Mehta ji also became a senior officer of many committees and institutes and guided them and trained the employees.

Nalin Mehta had become the top journalist in the country but he got the name of the right social scientist because of the books written by him.

He made the youth of our country strong by using words full of energy while extracting the biography of the former sociologist from social history, country Jordan, and due to these works, he was called the best academic administration of India.

Nalin Mehta’s career and lifestyle

First Professor, then Prof. Nalin Mehta, who worked in the Department of Television and Communication, is known as the best performer and assistant in the modern media world.

Mehta saw a lot of ups and downs in his life because his work was neither limited nor did he see any limit, that is, he showed his interest in every field and made a different identity in the country by spending time in public welfare.

Mehta ji has not only done the work of social reformer but also traveled abroad for financial planning and collected information while inspecting countries like Switzerland, Singapore, and Australia, due to which progress can be made in our country under new schemes. !

Apart from this, he also contributed to the history of the Indian sports world, along with this his name was included in the Olympics as a historian writer and sociologist.

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Educational Qualification of Nalin Mehta

Primary education detailsGwalior from Madhya Pradesh,
School nameScindia School
School Education Completion DateNot known
Master’s Degree UGDegree in Sociology, BA
Post Graduate PG DegreeM.A (Master of Arts)
Doctorate degreePh.D. in Political Science
Name of Universityfrom the University of East Anglia, United Kingdom, and the University of Delhi
Subject ListPolitics, Sociology, Department of Communication, etc.
Graduation dateNot known

Nalin Mehta family information

Father’s nameMr. Man Mehta
Mother’s nameMr. Mati Mehta
BrotherAbhay Mehta
SisterNot known
WifeNot known
Girlfriendat the time of the 19th century / at college
Children2 children
SonNot known
DaughterNot known
Other RelativesSeema Mehta, Arun Mehta
GrandchildrenNot known
Number of family membersabout 6

Nalin Mehta Income and net worth

  • Nalin Mehta is working in another type of business as a journalist and writer, so she has multiple income sources, which is capable of increasing her income manifold.
  • Nalin Mehta would be earning around Rs 6-7 lakh per month and her net worth is around Rs 250 crore.

Car and bike collection

  • It has been seen that Nalin Mehta mostly likes Mahindra company and that is why he chooses Mahindra in terms of vehicles.
  • He has Mahindra Scorpio and Thar and BMW cars and it is not easy to calculate his bike as he has never been seen riding a motorcycle in society. So Mehta Ji mostly uses Mahindra Scorpio.

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Details of Nalin Mehta’s physical appearance

Body Length5’9″ feet 175 cm 1.7 m
Weight70 kg
Skin colorlight dark to white
Eye colorBlack color
Hair typeshort and thin hair
Hair colorblack
Chest sizeNot known
Waist size34
Shoe number8.4UK

Nalin Mehta books

  • The book about modern India was written by Nalin Mehta named ‘Behind a billion screens’.
  • In the film and television world also, Mehta Ji put his words in front of the people, which was presented with the help of a book called India on television.
  • In 2008, he wrote a book called the India story
  • In the field of politics, a book named Gujarat Beyond Gandhi was published.
  • Recently published the BJP name book, which you can check out and see with the help of the link given below.

Book link —

Thoughts of Nalin Mehta

  • According to them, any person should always maintain his curiosity, because if the curiosity is over, then no person can achieve knowledge in his life.
  • It is necessary to consider one’s own thoughts and experiences with oneself before others.

Awards & nomination

  • Awarded by Asia Publishing Award as Best author.
  • In 2010, he was awarded the Australian Best Media Award.
  • In 2015, he received the Best Business Book of the Year award by the Tata group.

Nalin Mehta Contact details and Social media accounts

Mobile number – +917056××××××

Other Contact Means – 18001028737


Personal Website – 

Twitter account –

LinkedIn – 

Facebook –

Other analysis (Other analytical info.)

In July 2009, Nalin Mehta became active on Twitter, when he was working as a media manager in Delhi, he used any social media platform for the first time, he first created his Twitter account, which today has about 7 thousand followers. 1800 following.

With the help of the photo below, you can see his recent tweets made by him.

JM Financial Credit Subsidiary 

The Headquarters of JM Financial Loan Subsidiary is located in Mumbai, Maharashtra. The board member and service assistant officer of this company are Nalin Mehta.

It is a financial sector company that basically provides credit, wealth management, lending service,s, and investment banking services.

Address – 7 Floor Building Marathe Marg, Mumbai Pincode – 400025

Phone Number – 91-22-6630-3030

Company Website –

Nalin Mehta address

Temporary Residence – Gandhi Marg, Gujarat 3/19

Permanent Residence Place – 420 Singh Block Colony New Delhi Pincode – 110049 

Overseas Address – United Kingdom Zip Code -BS8 

Unheard facts

  • Better results were obtained in the post of Academic Administration.
  • Nalin Mehta Ji has also been a former assistant professor.
  • He worked on many projects in modern communication and media.
  • He is considered a good journalist in today’s time but in reality, he was interested in politics.
  • Nalin Mehta did many people’s welfare work with the help of sociology.
  • He made his mark in the country as well as abroad.
  • Presently the institutions of some countries are being run according to the plan made them.


Q. Who is Nalin Mehta?

Ans. Journalist and writer for Times of India

Q. On which news channel did Nalin Mehta work first?

Ans. On a channel called Zee media.

Q. Does Nalin Mehta live abroad?

Ans. Yes, his citizenship is Indian but he currently spends most of his time abroad.

Q. Does Nalin Mehta drink alcohol?

Ans. No

Q. Does Nalin Mehta eat non-veg food?

Ans. No

Q. How old is Nalin Mehta?

Ans. about 60 years

Q. What is the highest title of Nalin Mehta?

Ans. Ph.D. in Political Science.

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