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Quick Info about Devi Nidhi Neha Saraswat Ji:-

Real Name Devi Nidhi Saraswati
Famous ForBhagavat Katha reciter
Date of Birth26 January 1996
Age 26 years (as of 2021)
Height 5’8″ feet
income per month6-8 lakhs per month (approx.)
Marital Status Single
BirthplaceAligarh, Uttar Pradesh

Who is Devi Nidhi Neha Saraswat Ji

Generally, Devi Nidhi Saraswat and Neha Saraswat are two different names. Devi Nidhi Saraswat Ji was considered a simple girl to follow the path of spirituality, it is said that she started her life on the spiritual path at a very young age. After that, on her journey from India to abroad, she was given the status of Goddess with thousands of nectar and words and at present Shri Nidhi Saraswat, Ji is known as Devi.

 Devi Nidhi Saraswat Ji has also come as a social worker contributing to public welfare or social welfare, she has run many tree plantation programs to make the environment pollution free and maintain green earth, and inspired people. Raised voice against cutting of trees.

Biography/Biography of Nidhi Saraswat ( Devi Nidhi Saraswat Biography in Hindi)

Devi Nidhi Saraswat Ji was born on 26 January 1996 in a place called Aligarh in Uttar Pradesh, after her birth, she got accustomed to the environment that was in her family.

 Nidhi Saraswat Ji was only 7 years old when she started telling stories and her childhood was spent among her family members where she was brought up like a normal person while outside the house she was treated like a goddess. was.

His early education was from the school of Aligarh, from where he completed his studies till Inter. Devi Nidhi Saraswat ji has been a very bright student in their studies. She passed the Intermediate (Uttar Pradesh Board, Class 12th) examination from Girls Inter College with 89 marks and later chose B.Sc ( for graduation and graduated.

Nidhi Neha Saraswat Biography in Hindi ( Nidhi Neha Saraswat Wiki/Bio/Info)

Real NameNidhi Sharma
popular nameNidhi Saraswati
other namesGoddess Sri Nidhi Neha Saraswati
Zodiac♋ Cancer
Caste class/klan and gotraBrahmin
Age26 years
Date of BirthJanuary 26, 1996
Birth PlaceAligarh
StateUttar Pradesh
ProfessionStory reader
reason for popularityBhagwat Katha
languagesThe local dialect of Vrindavan, Hindi, English, Sanskrit
Presently Residential AddressUdaipur
tenure2005-6 to present

Devi Nidhi Saraswat physical fitness

Body Height5 feet 8 inches
color appearanceBlonde color
Weight59 kg
eye colorbrown
hair colorblack
hairstyleLong Hair
shoe size8IND

The early life of Devi Nidhi Saraswat

Goddess Sri Devi Saraswati belongs to the Sharma family of the Brahmin class. The livelihood of this Sharma family has been fulfilled by his father, Devi Nidhi Saraswat’s father used to work in the Irrigation Department of Uttar Pradesh and from this source, his family was brought up.

And the whole family has been devoted to the faith of Lord Shri Krishna.

In the year 2001- 2002, she was admitted to a public school from where she started her primary education, she was in fast studies, and she has been top in other religious works as well.

 He secured about 90% marks in the class 12th board examination, while at that time he was busy with Gita, Ramayana, and Bhagwat Katha, etc. at different places, during the board he gave very little time to studies because he was only 7 years old. She had started reading these epics, and religious texts from the very beginning, and the most important fact is that within a few months of starting the Gita, she had memorized the entire Gita and used to recite the entire Gita in the correct sequence without opening the Gita. And used to tell the summary of the entire Gita in simple words.

 In childhood, when all the children are busy with sports, the same Nidhi Saraswat ji was busy in devotion to Lord Shri Krishna Ji, in the year 2003, she started reciting the Gita and after 1 year in 2004, when she was about 8 years old. It was then that he recited on the stage for the first time and people listened and praised every single word said by him carefully from this he started reciting the Gita to the crowd of devotees on his stage.

 Devi Nidhi and Shri Neha Saraswat Ji also started Bhagwat Katha, Mahapuran, and other religious programs on a small scale by connecting with religious institutions and are currently spreading similar propaganda in the country and abroad.

Story of Spiritual Path 

Devi Nidhi Saraswat Ji became popular in society when she started reciting Gita at many nearby places, at that time her age was very young, so it is natural that reading such a good reading at a young age makes everyone pay attention to her. Facts are effective in focusing.

 Then when he became famous from the state to the whole country, then his success increased continuously and with the help of this, every dream of his was fulfilled because he was successful in spreading the word of Krishna Bhakti at the international level also.

Devi Nidhi Saraswat education qualification

Primary educationAligarh primary school
secondary educationup to 8th grade
Inter-Class (High Secondary Education) class 12th passed
Inter class grade or percentageabout 89%
SubjectScience subjects
name of schoolunknown
school education closing dateunknown
Subjects of the Bachelor’s DegreeSubjects related to Bachelor of Science
college or university nameunknown
graduate education closing dateunknown
master’s degreeWell-to-do
other degreesAuthor

Nidhi Saraswat’s family information ( Devi Nidhi Saraswat family information )

Devi Nidhi Saraswat Ji currently lives in Udaipur with her family, she has not married yet.

 Along with her younger sister, Shri Neha Saraswat Ji is making her successful by doing Bhagwat Katha on religious programs organized at various places and giving the message of peace in the society.

Father’s NameMr. Man Vinod Sharma
Mother’s NameMr. Mati Poonam Sharma
Brother NameGovind
Sister NameNeha
cousin siblingsNeeti Sharma
Friend NameNandlal Changa (Singer)

Award and nomination

  • Nidhi Saraswat Ji was honored with the “International Bhagwat Gita Scholar Award” on 2 October 2017.
  •  Devi Nidhi Saraswat Ji was honored with the “Peace and Harmony” award in London.
  •  Also honored with the name of “Rising Daughter of India Award” by the famous politician of India Mr. Vijay Goel.
  •  He has also been honored by Rajarajeshwar Guru Ji.

 Apart from this, he has also received many honors and awards.

Devi Nidhi Saraswat Income

Goddess Nidhi Saraswat Ji is given about 4 to 5 lakh rupees in each religious program, which is her normal expenditure amount because she is accompanied by a team of some people.

* Devi Nidhi Saraswat Monthly Income – about 6 to 8 lakh rupees

* Net worth – Unknown

The daily routine of Devi Nidhi Saraswat 

Their day begins with the worship of Lord Krishna.

After this, completing their other necessary tasks, they also do Pranayama or Yoga.

Goddess Nidhi Saraswat Ji is very fond of Surya Namaskar and also inspires every person associated with her.

 Contact Number and Address ( Devi Nidhi Saraswat mobile number and Address)

* Mobile number of Devi Nidhi Saraswat ji – 094106 44845

*Facebook –

*Twitter – nidhisaraswat06 (Started this in September 2014)

*Instagram -@devi _nidhi_saraswat

*YouTube –

*Official website of Nidhi Saraswat –

*Mail ID – [email protected]

interesting facts and favorite things _

He did the first Bhagwat story at the age of 8. He has founded many NGOs. Organized tree plantation programs and distributed things in need to the poor. He loves to sing Geeta Aana songs. Devi Nidhi Ji Akshar plays a musical instrument, Score is a topper in A harmonium. She likes to wear a simple dhoti, a salwar suit, she also puts tilak or bindi on her forehead.

Questions and answers about Nidhi Neha Saraswati (QNA)

Q. What is the real name of Devi Nidhi Saraswat ji?

Ans. ku. Mr. Nidhi Sharma

Q. Who is Devi Nidhi Neha Saraswat?

Ans. Devi Neha Saraswat is the name of his younger sister.

Q. When was Devi Nidhi Saraswat ji born?

Ans. 26 January 1996

Q. Where was Devi Nidhi Saraswat Ji born?

Ans. in Aligarh

Q. Where does she currently live?

Ans. in Udaipur

Q. Is Mr. Nidhi Saraswat Ji married?

Ans. No

Q. Do they have any boyfriend?

Ans. No

Q. What is the age of Devi Nidhi Saraswat ji?

Ans. 26 years

Q. Is Devi Nidhi Saraswat ji’s YouTube channel?

Ans. Yes

Q. How can I contact Devi Nidhi Saraswat ji?

Ans. From the above-mentioned mobile number and on social media

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